Can Newborns Use Dummies?

Chloe Sacco

Posted on August 17 2020

Can Newborns Use Dummies?


It takes just two little lines to change everything. So begins the most terrifying but exciting time in your life. From this moment begins your parenting 101 course. You and your partner may be expecting your first child or you may expecting baby number two or three. Regardless of your situation, questions such as the title of this blog post emerge as you ponder what will be best for your little bundle of joy. At CMC Gold, we always endeavour to answer the FAQs of infantile inquiries. That’s why we’ll delve into this classic concern and aim to answer: can newborns use dummies?

The Pros of this Peaceful Prop

These rubber teats are superb and steadfast, satisfying your baby’s urge to suck. They work as a calming device to soothe and calm your little one too. The teats of the dummies are carefully designed to mimic a Mother’s breast which make them very popular amongst both breastfed and bottle fed babies. Aside from this there is an incredible wealth of benefits, for example:

  • A softening sleep time sidekick, which will hopefully give you an extra hour or two of shut eye 

  • They can help to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndromes)

  • Pain alleviators when baby struggles with discomfort such as colic

  • Divine distractors if you’re out and about

  • The perfect tool to occupy your little one when they’re fully fed

  • And, in our opinion, a pacifier is a better mans of soothing than a thumb because you can eventually remove a pacifier. You will find it difficult to remove the thumb sucking habit.

What Makes the Best Pacifier?

  • The correct size and fit-

CMC Gold strongly believes you ought to take these factors into account when shopping for baby gear and so we stock a range of age appropriate dummies. The size one dummies we supply are amazing for those first six months as your baby grows, develops and takes in their new surroundings. They come in an array of colours for you to match with every outfit and, most importantly, have been tested in accordance with the Australian Standards to ensure they are safe for your little ones.  

  • Materials-

For instance, natural rubber pacifiers are a brilliant choice because they are extremely safe and durable. Look out for the materials labelled as you want them to be BPA free with no chemical softeners, PVC, parabens or phthalates. When steralising natural rubber soothers or teats, emmerse them in a boiling cup of water for five minutes then remove and allow to air dry. 

  • Gorgeous accessories-

We dote on our sons and daughters so much and creating beautiful looks and memories are all thrilling parts of babyhood. Our little newborns are so overwhelmingly angelic and bring us such bliss. Therefore, why not capture and embrace every moment of this joy? When purchasing a dummy from us you can also find that we sell a wide variety of stunning dummy clips. Not only are they highly functional, encouraging self-soothing, but they also look absolutely adorable. Moreover, they prevent loss meaning that you won’t have to add pacifiers to every weekly shop!

Cons to Make You Cautious

Just be aware that as with anything, there are some disadvantages to dummies or at the very least advice you should heed.

  • Interference with breastfeeding-

If you guide your baby to a pacifier before nursing them, if may affect your milk supply. If you are breastfeeding, make sure you establish a particular feeding routine and use in conjunction with a dummy. Once you’re confident with nursing and ensuring your baby is full, you can then bring in a pacifier and the two techniques can work hand in hand in a very effective manner.

  • Dental problems-

Prolonged use can lead to teeth trouble, especially when using beyond 4-5 years of age as this increases the likelihood of dental problems in childhood. E.g. crooked teeth.

  • Dummy dependency-

Balancing baby elements is an incredibly difficult arising a pacifier in moderation is soothing for both baby and mum, but you will want to ensure that you instill healthy habits so that if you should forget it, baby will survive without it.

All in all, how you deploy certain methods is down to personal choice. Your job is to gather valuable advice and make your own informed decisions. When it comes down to it, you’ll do what’s best for your own special, unique child. So, all we say is here’s to healthy, happy families!

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