During your baby’s first year with you, there are a lot of milestones, traditions and holidays that you will experience and celebrate together for the first time. Through this exciting journey that you and your family will have together, you can start traditions and create memories of these firsts in your own way, this includes Easter. With the help of CMC Gold you can purchase beautiful, personalised milestone cards, signs and more, that will help to make your Easter celebrations just that much more special. 
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Unique First Easter Gifts

Easter is an exciting time for children! The magic of leaving carrots for the Easter bunny and waking up to find that he has left you some tasty treats in exchange; there is nothing more exciting. As adults, we grow out of the magic, but now is the time you can experience it again and make it even more special for your children by creating memories and traditions that they will look back on with fondness when they are older.

Our Range of Easter products

At CMC Gold, we have many beautifully made products that will help you to do just that. Some of the items we stock and make include:

  • Milestone cards – Personalised with names and dates, My First Easter milestone cards are the perfect way to make your little ones Easter photos more memorable. With the printed year you will always know when their first Easter was, and be able to easily identify the milestone when looking back. It is also a lovely, unique keepsake. 

  • Personalised Easter basket tags – Our personalised Easter basket tags are the perfect way to label your child’s Easter basket. Beautifully designed, our Easter tags can be used year after year.

  • Easter Bunny boards – Easter bunny boards are a fun way to involve the little ones when putting out a drink and snack for the Easter bunny. When they wake up in the morning they know that the Easter bunny has visited because the carrots will be gone! The board can be brought out every year to help create lovely memories.

  • Keepsake boxes – All the memories from your baby’s first Easter can be kept in our beautifully designed keepsake boxes.

  • Easter egg hunt signs – We have several different Easter egg hunt signs, in a range of different styles that will help to point everyone in the right direction of the Easter egg hunt! They are great decorations that can be used every year, and some can even be personalised.

Browse our Easter items to find these and more!

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At CMC Gold we pour our heart and soul into our business, creating beautiful and unique baby gifts & décor that you will love. Our customers love shopping with us for all of their baby décor needs including first Easter gifts. The feedback that our customers leave include comments such as always being “impressed with the quality of the products” and “fast delivery.”

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