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Hi Steph Thanks so much for getting in touch. If you're comparing the used dummy teat size to the new dummy teat size this is quite common with dummies that have vented teats and are made of natural rubber. So you are right in saying that used teats are not the same with new teats. When bub sucks the dummy the teat expands and they end up bigger especially around the top they develop ‘a ball’ like shape (So your old ones will look bigger). That is one of the reasons why dummies should be replaced every 4-6 weeks as per the instructions on the box. A vented teat means there are holes in the teat so eventually with the sucking the actual rubber changes shape to bubs mouth (hence why they also expand- this ensures there is no jaw malfunction when sucking). You will find once bub sucks the new ones in a few weeks they will also expand. It’s a common question I get asked so I have been in consultation with BIBS Denmark and that is the response I received from them. However, i have experienced this personally with my daughter too. The longer over the 4-6 week time frame to replace them the bigger they expand due to the sucking. I hope that helps :) Chloe
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