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Christmas Ornament - Script Name
Emma Jeffery (Brisbane, AU)

These ornaments are honestly so beautiful, i ordered the mirrored gold and the quality is so nice they look so impressive on our tree, i want to get more and cover my tree in them! x

Thanks so much Emma!
So glad you love them <3

Christmas Ornament - 1st Christmas as a Family
Katherine Blight (Albion Park Rail, AU)

This is my third year shopping with cmc gold and I love the quality of the items

Thanks so much Katherine, you're a gem! <3

Tooth Fairy Box
Deborah Holloway (Bentleigh, AU)
Tooth fairy box

Just received my 2 tooth fairy boxes for my grandchildren. They are beautiful

The Best Teacher Christmas Ornament
Kirri Rayfield (Pelican Flat, AU)

I recently just ordered this and it came in the post so quick. It’s beautiful and the quality is excellent!

Our pleasure thanks so much Kirri! :)

CMC Dummies (Size 1) NB-6m
Sarah (Sydney, AU)

These dummies are amazing!! If your confused about what dummies to get, definitely grab these!!

Thanks so much Sarah! <3

Printed Round Plaque- Australian Animals Theme
Monique Manning (Singleton, AU)
Absolutely Beautiful

We got this name plaque for our bubba's announcement photo which will then become their door sign. The print is absolutely beautiful and it turned out better then we could have hoped. Service was fantastic as well. Could not fault anything!

Thanks so much, so glad to hear you loved the plaque! <3

CMC Dummies - GLOW in the dark
Alisha (Camberwell, AU)

We transitioned from Bibs to CMC dummies at 10 months old. & woweee what can I say ! My twin girls took them instantly & I am always commented on how cute the dummies are. I have now purchased every ‘girl’ colour 😂
Delivery is always super super fast to me in rural vic.

So amazing to hear! Thanks so much for the support and kind words :)

Gorgeous dinner set

Love this set, was purchased for my nephew’s birthday and he loved the animals. Great quality and the personalisation is great for a special present.

Thanks so much Lauren, so happy to hear you love it! :)

CMC Dummies - GLOW in the dark
Bridgette (Melbourne, AU)
Best thing ever!

We were using BIBS from CMC gold for 12+ months with my daughter and I really, really wanted to support them in their own Australian made product but was hesitant to transition. Well we did it anyways and now my daughter spits BIBS out and says “Wowee” every time we get a new order. The glow in the dark is excellent and overall the customer service is exceptional. Well done guys!

Thanks so much! So happy to hear this, thanks for the love and support <3

Personalised Leather Dummy Clip (6 Letters)
Melissa Cartwright (Adelaide CBD, AU)
Leather dummy clip

This is so great! I'm so happy with this product, my eldest lost it so i'll be purchasing another one 😅
It's so stylish and bends easy which is perfect for my 5 month old. Thank you xx

Our pleasure thanks so much! <3

Dummy Clips (6 Letters)
Melissa Cartwright (Adelaide CBD, AU)
Dummy clip

I love this so much! We use this everytime we go out and get so many compliments on it. I love that I got to design it, it matches my sons personality perfectly. Thank you x

Thanks so much Melissa!
So glad you love it and bub is enjoying it :)

CMC Dummies Varicoloured Twin Pack (Size 1) NB-6m
Melissa Cartwright (Adelaide CBD, AU)

I ordered a set of your dummies and i must say I am impressed! My son was taking bib dummies and they are almost the same teat so he took yours straight away. I love the colour and design it reminds me of a mermaid! So so happy with my purchase. Thank you xx

Our pleasure so glad you love them! <3

CMC Dummies (Size 3) 18m+
Esther Hosking (Hillside, AU)

I’ve had them like a day and already love them, the caps are so convenient
Daughter was a bit funny with it in her mouth for maybe 2 mins, due to her needing an upgrade in size (20months old) we previously used normal bib dummies

Hoping for more colours soon before it’s weaning time🤞🏼🤍

Thanks so much Esther so glad you and bub love them!
New colours on their way this week! :D

CMC Dummies - GLOW in the dark
Lauren McWaters (Melbourne, AU)

Great product, fast delivery! My son is loving his new CMC dummies, can’t wait to use them tonight 😊

Thanks so much Lauren, you will love being able to find the dummies at night with the glow! :D

Photo Keyring
T.W. (Muirhead, AU)
Perfect gift

Perfect Father’s Day gift for my husband we can’t wait to give it to him
Such a quick turn around time, the quality of the photo is great and looks amazing!

Thanks so much, so glad you love it! :D

Highly recommended

My little bubba wanted to suck on a dummy but every dummy i tried to use she wouldnt take... thought i would try the CMC Dummy and she has taken to them. I highly recommend these dummys and will be recommending them to everyone I talk to.... fantastic pricing aswell, doesnt cost a arm and leg 🙂

Thanks so much Kathy, so good to hear the amazing feedback <3

CMC Dummies (Size 1) NB-6m
Ivana Josipovic (Adelaide CBD, AU)

After trying different dummies, our little one would spit them all out until we finally got the CMC brand. I would struggle to put her down for a nap, but with these she soothes quickly and sleeps soundly. I absolutely love that they have a cover for each individual dummy, and the colours are super cute.

That's amazing to hear! So glad we can help resolve the challenge you were facing with our dummies <3

BIBS Dummies Twin Packs (Size 1) NB-6m
Dominie Mcmillin (Sydney, AU)

Great design, sweet colours


These are the best Dummies! Bub was using the Bibs dummies as a newborn, but once he started to roll at night he would get deep red marks all over his face from the plastic rim on the dummy. With these All Rubber ones, I don’t have to worry about that and he rolls all over them without them leaving any marks! Super smooshy and will fold as opposed to dig in.

Hi Millie,

Thanks so much for the feedback on these, so glad to hear they have helped! <3

CMC Dummies (Size 1) NB-6m
Ashleigh B (Sydney, AU)
So happy!

I found it hard to find any cherry soother dummies on the market and when I came across this dummy it was perfect size and shape. My newborn took to it immediately and continues to love his dummies! Thank you so much!

Our pleasure! So happy to hear bub took to it without fuss and loving it.
Thanks for the amazing feedback :)

Girls Full Circular Name Keepsake Box
Briana Oakley (Sydney, AU)

Absolutely blown away by the quality and beauty of our keepsake box. We got the large one and it is definitely big enough for all the keepsakes we have and more that I’m sure we will collect over time. Thank you CMC. I love it!

Thanks so much Briana, so glad you love the keepsake box! <3

Golden Floral Swaddle Set
Rebecca Conlan (Tanilba Bay, AU)

These swaddle sets are such beautiful quality. They are stretchy and soft and super snug when I put it on my newborn.

Thanks so much, so glad you love our swaddles <3

Daisy Polka Dot Swaddle Set
Rebecca Conlan (Tanilba Bay, AU)

These swaddle sets are such beautiful quality. They are stretchy and soft and super snug when I put it on my newborn.

Thanks so much, so glad you love our swaddles <3

CMC Dummies Varicoloured Twin Pack (Size 1) NB-6m
Rebecca Conlan (Tanilba Bay, AU)

My baby girl had taken to these dummies amazingly. We usually use BIBS dummies but these are so much prettier and the fact that they come with a cover is even better 👏🏼

Thanks so much Rebecca, so glad the transition from BIBS to CMC dummies was easy <3

CMC Dummies (Size 2) 6-18m
Rebecca Conlan (Tanilba Bay, AU)

My baby girl has taken to these dummies amazingly. I love how cute they are and that there’s so many pretty colour options 🥰

Thanks so much, so glad you love them! :)


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