Learning Boards for Kindergarten

It’s that moment, you’ve bought the little backpack, taken a million pictures after the first-day hair styling. They’re off on a new adventure and growing up so fast! The next major milestone will be for them to master those ABCs, taking on those major life skills- to read and write!
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A Lovely Learning Board for Kindergarten Kiddies

At CMC Gold, we’ve come up with an idea to help warm them into their early learning from home. Our liberating learning range allows your young’un to conquer the basics and try out their hand at tracing. The cherry on the top is that our kindergarten learning boards can be customised so you can cherish this special moment in their growth and education for years to come.

Why Invest in Our Key Stage Kindergarten Learning Boards?

Chloe, one of our fantastic founders was a high school teacher and so, understands the power of knowledge and the need to create tools that will encourage learning in a creative, fun and engrossing way. Now, also having experience as a mother, she recognises the desire parents have to bond further with their child as they accomplish, thrive and move forward educationally. That’s why CMC Gold is really passionate about this project.

The basics of the kindergarten learning board are that they are a composition of clear acrylic with the material engraved in white on top. We chose to make them with acrylic so that you can easily wipe off highlighters/ erasable pens. So, not only are they easy to clean but also reusable and hence, great for the environment! As aforementioned, they can be personalised so your kids can learn how to trace their name or date of birth.

We chose the white outlines so that you can provide coloured pens to accompany tracing time. Children love colours, it can help with memory, pattern making and matching. After all, it’s all about creating eye-catching, attention-grabbing results.

Additionally, what child doesn’t like to play teacher?! They can trace, point and model their work to you as if emulating the classroom!! There’s simply endless opportunities and possibilities with this sensational learning support.

Trust in CMC Gold for Your Learning Supplies

Our learning board for kindergarten is made, engraved, packaged and posted with impeccable attention to detail. This is not just another toy assembled and pumped out of a factory, but rather an item which has been made with tender loving care and especially for your unique child.

We aim for efficiency, affordable prices and your complete satisfaction when it comes to our delivery service. Therefore, call, email or find us on social media with any questions, concerns, instructions or requests you may have, and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.

We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking an interest in our artisanal products. Now that we’ve been on the market for nearly 5 years, we just want to continue doing what we love doing which is wowing you with new items and being a part of special family memories.

CMC Gold is your leading provider of personalised baby gifts, such as teethers, dummies, birth announcements and much more.
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