Dummy Clips

Dummies can bring many benefits to babies and their parents. Babies are born with a sucking reflex, which often helps to comfort them, settle them, and help them to fall asleep.
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Dummy Clips: Allowing Your Baby to Have the Comfort They Need

If your baby loses their dummy during the day, a baby dummy chain could be a great way to ensure that it is always close at hand. When a baby misplaces their dummy, it can cause them to become upset, but with a baby dummy strap, you will always know where it is, even if your baby cannot yet put it back in by themselves.

What is more, if your baby were to drop their dummy, it could fall to the ground and then should not be used again until it has been cleaned and sterilised. All of this can be avoided with our dummy clips that are available throughout Australia.

At CMC Gold, we have a great range of dummy chains and natural dummies to choose from, all of which you can buy with Afterpay where it helps you to receive fabulous items and spread the cost of the payment without paying any extra.

It is good to know that our dummy clips have been independently lab-tested and passed all aspects of mechanical and chemical testing. All parts used have also been lab-tested and certified to EN12586 so you can buy with confidence. When your baby is using their dummy clip, they need to be supervised at all times, and they should not be left unattended when using them, including during sleep.

What are the Benefits of Dummy Clips?

If you are thinking of getting dummy chains that are made in Australia, you may be wondering what the benefits are. As well as keeping your baby’s dummy clean, a dummy clip can also be used as an accessory for your baby.

At CMC Gold, a personalised dummy chain from us can be matched to your baby’s outfit and make them look even more adorable. With options such as adding beads that spell out their name, you will easily be able to see which clip belongs to your baby should their clip ever come loose when you are in a baby class or surrounded by other babies.

Personalised Baby Dummy Clips

A great option for a dummy chain that has been made in Australia for your baby is one of our personalised leather clips. They are available in a lovely tan colour, and you can choose from a choice of colours for your baby’s clip, including natural, pinks, blues, and greys. To ensure the safety of your baby, the tanning colour process is chemical-free.

If you have a baby who dribbles a lot or is suffering from teething, a leather dummy clip may not be the best option for your baby, and you may be better choosing from our beaded range. This is because the leather can become watermarked as the leather is natural, and no chemicals are used to produce it.

You can either choose to leave your baby’s leather dummy clip plain or you could add their name for a more personal touch, and we have different pricing options that reflect the number of letters you need on your dummy clip.

At CMC Gold, we recommend that you replace your baby’s dummy clip every 3 months for safety and hygiene reasons.

Wooden Dummy Clips

Personalised wooden dummy clips are also a great option for your child. We make them from raw round beads and silicone beads that are BPA and toxin-free. You should always check that your child’s dummy clip is intact before you give it to them, ensuring that it is not damaged in any way as this could be dangerous to your child. If you discover that it is damaged, the product must be discarded. In any event, our dummy clips should be replaced after 3 months of use.

Our wooden dummy clips can also be made without adding your child’s name. You can customise your own designs by choosing the colours, bead mix, clip colour and string colour. This allows you to create dummy clips that work for your child’s style, and you could even have several to go with different outfits.

At CMC Gold, we can also create beautiful two-toned dummy chains in pre-designed styles. With choices of stars, foxes, teddies, hearts, flowers, crowns, and cars, you will be able to create a clip that is just right for your baby.

Shop Today at CMC Gold for Your Young One's Dummy Clips & Chains

A personalised dummy clip is a wonderful gift to get for any new parent or for a baby who loves their dummy. Shopping with us is easy, and you can be sure that each clip will be made with great love and attention.

Our personalised dummy clips are available for you to buy in Australia with Afterpay for added convenience and affordability. This interest-free method of payment is simple to use and you will not be charged any fees for using it. You just need to be over the age of 18, living in Australia and have a debit or credit card.

As soon as your order is paid for, you can expect your item to be made in 2-4 days during normal periods. At times like Christmas or other celebratory periods, we may take a little longer to make your items.

Your order will usually be sent to you through Australia Post. We always aim to keep your shipping costs to a minimum, which is why we calculate the cost of your shipping depending on the weight and size of your order.

We are a family-run business and many of our items are hand-made. You can be sure that what you receive from us will be made with the great quality that you expect. Just read some of our fantastic reviews to see how much our customers have loved our products.

Shop with us today for wonderful baby accessories.
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