Engraved Birth Announcements

There’s nothing more exciting than announcing the arrival of your sweet new bundle of joy to the world. Our engraved birth announcements plaques are a classy, cute and memorable way to introduce your baby to the rest of the world.
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Beautiful Engraved Birth Announcement Plaques

Like most of our products, our birth announcement plaques are customisable for your family and you can choose from a wide range of options for your little one. These are just some of the reasons why parents love using our plaques for their birth announcements.

Safe Materials

Your baby’s safety is the first and most obvious concern of ours and as such, we only use materials that are safe for you and your baby. Our engraved birth announcement plaques come in bamboo or acrylic, depending on your choice. 

Bamboo gives the plaque and natural and organic look that is perfect for the announcement of any baby, whether they are a boy, girl, or you’ve chosen not to find out yet. The white acrylic plaque really stands out from the crowd and is an instant hit with parents that love a bold look. The clear acrylic plaque is see-through and offers a different, unique look to other materials; it also makes an excellent wall accessory for your baby’s nursery.


There are a number of different options for our engraved birth announcements that make it as personal as possible, but with little fuss. You could simply choose our Hello World, I’m _____ plaque, on which all you have to supply us with is your little one’s name. Otherwise, you could go into a little more detail, such as their name, the date, the time, their weight, and their length. If there’s anything more you’d like to add, then simply get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you can get what you want.


The font stays the same across our engraved birth announcements, as this makes engraving and shipping more effective and efficient. However, we do have a number of stunning additional designs and colours that you can add to your plaque. Pink and white florals, green florals, pink, mauve, cream and red florals, birth bear, birth bunny and floral borders are just some of the cute designs that you can add to your plaque.


We have a few options when it comes to the shape of your announcement plaque and you can select the one which appeals to your sense of style the most. Many of our birth announcment plaques and baby name plaques are round, 14cm x 3mm, and can come with florals or ferns. If round doesn’t tickle your fancy, then we also have the option of larger rectangular shaped announcements. At 15 x 23cm and 3 mm wide, these also come with a stand that helps to keep them upright on a side table or surface in the nursery.

Questions About Our Engraved Birth Announcement Plaques

Being a parent is one of life’s most exciting adventures and a journey that is certainly going to challenge you, but that will definitely have more ups than downs. CMC Gold is stocked to the rafters with carefully selected, beautiful baby accessories for the nursery and more. Our high-quality products are affordable, tried and tested and will make the perfect addition to your family. Get in touch if you’d like more information or simply shop online now.
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