Learning Boards for Preschool

Are you looking for ways to make playtime more educational? Want to introduce materials that are interesting, simple and no fuss? Feel like your little toddler is ready for the challenge of learning?
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They’ll Be Raring to Go with Our Learning Boards for Preschool

Our preschool learning boards are excellent ways to simulate classroom activities and establish some numeracy and literacy skills whilst also having lots of fun! We are an independently run business and here at CMC Gold, we live for creating products that are geared around family so that we can love, grow and develop together.

Don’t worry about having to spend hours setting up complex structures or following any instructions. With our preschool learning boards all you need are:

  • Some colourful highlighters/ erasable pens

  • Baby wipes/ damp sponges

  • Pre-schoolers with lots of energy, ready to have lots of fun!

Prepare to Be Amazed by Our Preschool Learning Board Range

They’re super easy to clean as they’re made from clear acrylic. There’s a little handle and they’re very lightweight so your little one can carry them around no problem!

This is a special part of their educational journey and a crucial time in their development. Cherish and make the most of it with our preschool learning board. Let them trace the lines, experiment with colours, learn ABCs, numbers and shapes. Point, recite, sing and marvel at their incredible ability to soak up new information. From recognition and identification to completing basic sums, spelling simple words and drawing pictures. There’s nothing better than laughing and learning together seeing how smart and grown-up they are becoming! Enjoy these moments with your kids and help them to feel positive about education by encouraging them and giving lots of praise. You’ll see how their confidence will come on leaps and bounds. You can also treasure the board as a keepsake as they’ll come personalised with your child’s name (for the alphabet and shapes board) or date of birth (for the numbers board).

Be on Board with Our Learning Collection

We’re parents ourselves, so we understand that feeling of wanting the very best for your children. From birth to preschool and all the way to graduation we want them to thrive, do what they love and have a blast doing it. That’s why we bring our ideas to life to have constructive influences and help to show that learning means to explore and have fun as much as it is to work hard and concentrate.

We only use fine quality materials too because we believe in items that are made to last. What makes our products so unique is the personalisation element. We offer this because we think that each and every child is special and individualistic.

Moreover, CMC Gold always endeavours to deliver top-notch customer service. Your contentment and wishes are our main priorities. Therefore, no matter what your questions or queries are, we’ll do our best to respond and assist you. Be sure to check out reviews of fellow shoppers and you’ll see how we’ve brought lots of joy, smiles and happiness to many families. We can’t wait to wow yours with our brilliant preschool learning boards.

If you’re intrigued by this collection, feel free to contact us, on our site or via social media, we can’t wait to connect with you!

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