Learning Boards for Toddlers

Our little tots grow up so very quickly. We see them crawl, take first steps, chew first bites and say first words. At CMC Gold, we have products that help you to capture all the special moments in familyhood. From announcing your pregnancy to dummy clips, seasonal treats and now our amazing learning board collection.
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Tailor-made Toddler Learning Boards

Each toddler's learning board comes personalised with your little one’s name or date of birth, so they’ll know it’s something just for them as a big girl or boy! Celebrate learning together and begin that educational adventure with our easy to erase, exciting, alphabet, numbers and shapes toddler's learning boards.

Authentic, Old School Fun with Our Learning Board for Toddlers

For our kiddies, it’s all about exploration, discovery, smiles, laughter and energy. They love using their hands, grabbing things and learning something new. It’s also important for them to repeat basics. You’ll often hear that they’re like sponges and there’s so much truth to this analogy as their brains are ripe for receiving information, absorbing it easily and applying it seamlessly. Time as a toddler is of the highest importance in our development.

That’s why we’ve created a product that embodies this concept and the result is simplistic, educational magic. A clear acrylic board with white engravings that can be used for tracing, reciting, pointing and chanting time and again.

Nowadays, infants are as fascinated by technology as we are and of course, we want to foster this interest in a healthy way. However, it’s also vital that they get back to basics, have tangible materials that they can learn from via interaction and precision. To trace with colour and see shapes form, to interact and learn together. To well and truly be in touch with what matters, achieving and growing together with lots of fun, smiles and laughter!

How to Go About Buying Our Learning Boards for Toddlers

If you love the look of our learning board for toddlers, simply select the one you’d like, add the name of your child for the alphabet and shape edition or date of birth for numbers, in the space provided. After adding the product to the cart, we’ll get to work on your order and have it made and ready to go within 2-4 business days. Should you have any questions regarding delivery, do get in touch with us! As you wait for your purchase, make sure you arm yourself with lots of jazzy highlighters, erasable coloured pens and wipes. That’s all you’ll need to have hours of fun with our trio of toddler's learning boards.

Buying stationery and learning tools for a toddler can be costly, that’s why we also have an afterpay service, should you prefer to pay off your order in instalments.

If you’re interested in this product or anything else on our site, do get in touch by calling, emailing or leaving a message, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also connect with us on our social media pages for our latest updates, stories, posts and deals.

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