Baby's First Christmas Ornaments

CMC Gold specialises in handmade gifts for parties, celebrations and to commemorate important occasions. Now we have gorgeous ornaments to mark the biggest holiday of the year! Christmas is without doubt a very exciting time for families. Our stunning decorations are a way to express gratitude for the season’s festivities, remember bub’s first experience and to simply be an eye-catching delight.
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A Beautifully Hand-crafted Baby’s First Christmas Ornament Collection

We use high-quality materials, premium craftsmanship skills and a variety of colours, texts, sparkles and shapes to bring you ornaments that will shine on your tree, hang delicately from a wreath or be a stand-alone spectacle on a doorknob. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decking the halls at Christmas and we just know that a baby’s 1st Christmas custom-crafted ornament will be that perfect finishing touch.

CMC Gold Christmas Craft Magic with Our First Christmas Ornament

As much as it’s different for each family, we associate Christmas with many universal attributes such as togetherness, tradition and making memories. Our first Christmas ornament sets are a way in which you can embody the spirit of these concepts but at the same time, celebrate the uniqueness of your own little clan.

The beauty of handmade crafts is that you can feel the love, care and attention to detail put into them. You can see that it has been worked on by someone who is making it especially for you. In a world where mass production is everywhere, we believe it’s important to protect the trade of individuals. Christmas is a time where we should look out for creativity, tailored treats and thoroughly take pleasure in sourcing out handmade splendours. It is a holiday in which we as craftspeople see the true value of giving and receiving too. As it is charming for you to purchase a custom gift, it’s also an unforgettable moment for us to share and spread joy to a wonderful family.

After all, we can purchase a personalised piece to show how precious and individualistic our children are! As they grow older, they’ll have a decoration that was made in their honour, adorning the tree year after year. Nothing can quite mirror this pure sense of adoration and pride.

Our ornaments come in brilliant bamboo, magnificent mirrored and standard acrylic. Bamboo will add a natural touch whereas the mirrored effect will be gleamingly iridescent and standard acrylic is easy to add text to. You can select a piece with just bub’s name, or you can have one that announces for example, ‘baby’s first Christmas 2018/ baby’s first Christmas 2019,’ or whichever year it may be. There’s also a range of shapes such as stars, hearts, circles, tree/ name cut-outs and letters. Then, it wouldn’t be a CMC Gold item without the choice of a variety of pretty colours, glitters and patterns to complete the look you desire.

Baby's First Chirstmas Ornaments: A Symbol of Reminiscence

This seasonal trinket is a real memory maker. That first year with your newborn is a time to well and truly cherish, especially because it’ll fly by so very quickly! Christmas is also a moment to relish in the joy of having family, create rituals and hold our nearest dearly. Decorations, baubles and ornaments become memorabilia of our family’s history, story starters, tearjerkers and inside jokes. You’ll see that by simply hanging up a baby’s 1st Christmas ornament, a whole host of ‘remember when you did this…’ or ‘how could we forget that time where…’ will be triggered and old memories, still fondly thought of will be passed around and enjoyed.

Moreover, all parents know that the time will come when your angels are no longer little babies but rather, teens who may cringe outwardly but smile inwardly at such sweetness! They’ll then be fully-fledged adults leading their own lives in a blink of an eye. Despite their growing independence, now and then, no one can resist a trip down memory lane and the hankering for simpler times. What better way to spark nostalgia than an ordained ornament, dangling in that very same place on mum and dad’s tree!?

Furthermore, having that special, first ornament is something as a parent you can always treasure and keep close to your heart. It can also instil that sense of closeness in your children and before you know it they could have a set of baby’s first Christmas ornaments personalised for your grandbabies!

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament Ranges Australia Wide

We aim to keep our delivery service low cost, swift and stress-free. Our work ethic is incredibly strong, and we really do strive for brilliance when it comes to our business. Our process is simple, we receive your order and payment and get straight to work on your requests. The products are made within 2-4 days (as these are Christmas items please be aware that it may take a little longer) and then shipped with Australia Post. The expense will depend on the item(s)’ weight and the timing will depend on your location. We can do international orders too and will organise and quote a price for you.

We also understand that this season is often a pricey endeavour which is why we offer an afterpay service where you can pay in fortnightly instalments.

You can trust in us to provide you with exceptional quality and exquisite finishes. CMC Gold is now coming up to its fifth year in the industry and we’ve loved every minute. We’ve also grown our family as well as our business and absolutely adore sharing our creations, stories and inspirations with all our customers.

As a small, independent and online shop your support means everything to us, and we are eternally grateful for your continued faith in us and our products.

To hear more about what we do, how we do it and for more information on our first Christmas ornaments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll do our utmost to fulfil your requests and answer your questions. Make sure you follow us on social media for all our latest news and updates. From ours to yours, we wish you many Merry Christmases filled with love, laughter, family and joy!

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