Learning Boards for Kids

A good way to keep your child engaged whilst teaching them valuable skills is by using a write and draw learning board. By using an ‘education through play’ method, children are having fun whilst learning to recognise and draw letters, numbers and shapes. This method is highly praised as being a beneficial element to a child’s learning journey.
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Engage and Educate your Children with a CMC Gold Kids Learning Board!

For personalised learning boards, look no further than CMC Gold. Our trace and erase collection provides users with a bold and clear format, easy to clean design and a variety of kid's learning boards covering numbers, letters and shapes. With the use of our trace and erase sets, helping your child’s development has never been easier!

All of our products are personalised by hand and handled with care. With a usual 2-4 day production time for personalised orders, tracked delivery and the ability to ship throughout Australia and internationally (on request), shopping with CMC Gold is quick, easy and professional.

Discover the Numerous Great Qualities of our Learning Boards!

When shopping with CMC Gold, customers are guaranteed quality items that are personalised with care. As one of the founding members is a mother as well as a qualified and experienced teacher, our trace and erase boards were created with children in mind to enable learning whilst playing.

The design and practicality of our products therefore ensure that customers find the perfect learning board for 2 year olds and younger. There are many great qualities to our trace and erase sets. These include:

  • Bright, appealing colours to keep youngsters engaged

All that is needed to use our trace and erase sets are highlighters and a baby wipe. With an easy-to-trace white line for children to follow, the bright colour of the highlighter keeps them engaged and helps to make learning a fun process. Highlighters are water-based and non-toxic so are the perfect writing tools for this type of activity.

  • They are easy to clean

To clean our trace and erase sets, all that you need is a baby wipe, disinfectant wipe or a damp sponge - items that nearly every parent will have in the house. The highlighted letters, numbers and drawings can easily be wiped away and once the kid's learning board is dry, the fun can begin again.

  • Customisable with your child’s name

The majority of our products can be personalised with hand-drawn names and designs and our learning boards are no exception. Customising the trace and erase set with the child’s name not only helps them to recognise their written name but also enables them to trace over the letters; learning to write and spell it themselves.

  • Easy-grip handle

Our learning boards have an easy grasp handle enabling children to carry them and move them about with ease and once they are fed up, the handle enables parents to take over.

Benefits of Our Kids Learning Boards

Amongst the best teaching apparatuses for toddlers is the learning board<. for a one year old>or two year old, these boards can be beneficial for the child’s learning development and can help to build their self-worth by providing a sense of achievement when they trace correctly. In addition to this, trace and erase sets have the following benefits:

  • Recognition

Whether the child is able to trace the letters, numbers or shapes accurately or not is irrelevant for younger children as trace and erase boards can be used for teaching recognition. Parents can sit with the youngster and sing along to the alphabet, count to ten and name the shapes and then in turn, teach the child to point at the relevant script.

  • Formation of letters and numbers

Learning boards are beneficial for teaching children to form numbers and letters correctly. For this, practice is key and the reusable nature of trace and erase kid's learning boards mean that these can be drawn over and over again.

  • Fine motor skill development

Fine motor skills involve the use of smaller muscles that control the fingers, thumb and hand. Writing and drawing are very beneficial for developing these muscles, so the more a child holds a writing utensil and uses an apparatus such as a learning board; the more these skills will improve.

CMC Gold Boasts a Variety of Customisable Goods!

Aside from our popular trace and erase learning boards, CMC Gold also stocks a range of personalised goods that you and your child will love. From a selection of name boards to customisable key rings, dummy holders to cake toppers, drinks bottles to milestone cards, height charts and much more; we provide a plentiful selection.

All of our products are personalised by hand and normally dispatched within 2 to 4 days of receiving payment. We make every effort to provide customers with the best shipping rates possible and once dispatched, customers are provided with a reference to track their package. We ship nationally throughout Australia and if requested, we can provide quotes for international delivery also.

CMC Gold Works for You

Not only do we provide customers with top of the range, unique products; we also provide other services. Our customer service is great, and all online and email queries are met with fast response times. On our website, customers can also enquire about wholesale purchases for selling in stores or bulk buying goods.

We also provide a helpful informal blog, enabling parents to read about a range of topics. Browse articles on pregnancy announcement, ideas for keeping your children entertained, new mum advice and decoration inspiration for your nursery. At CMC Gold, we speak from experience and care about our customers.

Browse our Collections Today!

Educating your children through play is easy with CMC Gold trace and erase sets. For letter, number and shape boards that can be personalised with your child’s name and date of birth, it is never too soon to start teaching recognition.

For attractive and safe kid's learning boards and other customisable goods, shop with CMC Gold today!

CMC Gold is your leading provider of personalised baby gifts, such as keepsake boxes, dummies, nursery mobiles and much more.
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