Keepsake Boxes

When you are having a baby, there will be so many memories that you want to keep and cherish, and a baby keepsake box is an ideal place to store your memories.
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Keep Memories Safe in a Keepsake Box

They make a fantastic perosnalied baby gift to purchase for new parents, but equally, they are a great purchase that you can make for your baby as a new parent.

At CMC Gold, we have a range of beautiful keepsake boxes that will safely store the cherished moments from your baby’s early years.

Why Have a Keepsake Box for Your Baby’s Memories?

At the time, it may feel like you will remember every little detail from your child’s birth and early months, but they can soon become a distant memory or sometimes forgotten completely. A keepsake box gives you a place to put the most precious items from your baby’s early life.

You can get a baby keepsake box that has been designed and made in Australia with parents like you in mind. The only trouble you will have is deciding what to keep in your box. While it may feel like you want to keep everything, practically, this would not work, so here are a few ideas of what you might like to put in your box.

Hospital wristbands

If your baby is born in a hospital, their wristbands will say their name, gender and their Mummy’s name and they are a wonderful thing to place inside your box. Small things like wristbands can often go astray if there is no special place to keep them, but a CMC Gold baby keepsake box will ensure they stay safe.

First outfit

The outfit that your baby wears for the first time is precious. By placing it in your box, you will be able to see the outfit that they once fitted into, even when they are big and grown-up. It will bring a lovely sense of nostalgia each time you look at it.

Birth cards

Many new parents receive hundreds of cards, as whell as their pregnancy milestone cards from well-wishers on the birth of their baby. It is great to keep these, and they can later be shown to your child when they are older.

A lock of hair

Your baby’s first haircut is a momentous occasion. You can keep a lock of their hair safely inside one of our boxes.


In a digital age, it can be easy to lose track of photographs. Why not print out some of your favourites from your baby’s early days and store them inside your box? They are also a great place to put any ultrasound images.

A memory from the day of their birth

On the day of your baby’s birth, buy a newspaper and place it inside your box. It will be great for your child to see what was in the news on the day they were born.

Anything else that means something to you

Choosing just a few things can be hard, and there may be many things that are important to you. It could be a favourite toy, comforter, or outfit.

What Kind of Keepsake Boxes do We Have at CMC Gold?

You will find a fantastic array of keepsake boxes at CMC Gold. When you choose from us, you can be sure that your keepsake box has been made in Australia with love.

A timber keepsake box from CMC Gold can be delivered to you anywhere in Australia.If you choose one of our birth details boxes, we can personalise your box with your baby’s details, such as their name, their date of birth, their length, the time they were born and where they were born. You can choose from different sizes, so it is a good idea to consider what you are planning to keep in it to make sure you choose the best one for you.

We also have separate options for girls and boys. Our girls’ box features a beautiful floral design, and our boys’ box has lovely leaf detailing.

Browse through our range for the full details of what is available from CMC Gold. With so much choice, your only difficulty will be narrowing it down to one.

As well as our baby keepsake boxes to store your earliest memories, we also have items such as Christmas Eve keepsake boxes. These are ideal for storing items that can be brought out each year and create traditions within your family. For example, you could store a special bauble that is hung on the tree each Christmas Eve.

Why Shop at CMC Gold?

At CMC Gold, we are committed to bringing you quality items that allow you to cherish the early years with your children. Many of our items are handmade, and you can be sure that each one that is crafted has been made with love and great attention to detail.

As a family-run business, we have been inspired to create products that allow you to cherish the memories from our parenting experiences.

Since we started our business, we have received outstanding reviews from our customers, and it is a testament to the high quality and dedication that we put into each and every keepsake that we produce.

Our products can be bought using Afterpay, which makes them affordable and an easy way to spread the cost of your payment. If you choose the Afterpay option, your order will cost the same amount as there are no fees or interest to add on, plus you can pay in 4 equal amounts, rather than paying the full balance outright. To do this, you must live in Australia, be over the age of 18 and have a credit or debit card.

We understand that when you have bought such a beautiful item, you will be anxious to receive it. We aim to create your handmade orders within 2-4 days after receiving your payment. If you are ordering an item at Christmas time or another busy period, please make sure you give enough time as we can be very busy during these times, and we appreciate your patience.

If you need your keepsake box quickly, we can offer express shipping via Australia Post, and your item can usually be sent to you within 1-2 business days once it has been dispatched from our warehouse

We aim to keep shipping costs to a minimum. For this reason, we calculate your shipping rate at the checkout, and it is dependent on the size and weight of your order.

Shop with us today for the best keepsake boxes that can be personalised for that extra special touch.
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