One Cake Toppers

As a parent, celebrating your child’s first birthday is one of the first milestones that you will share with all your friends and family.
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CMC Gold – Make Their First Birthday Memorable!

Some parents have a lavish party, with entertainment, food, and decorations, while others opt for a more intimate celebration. However you choose to commemorate the occasion, you can find some wonderful gits, accessories and party supplies here at CMC Gold.

One of our favourite ways to celebrate is with a first birthday cake topper. We create these from bamboo or acrylic, and they make a lovely centrepiece and a wonderful keepsake.

Choosing the Perfect First Birthday Topper

When you are choosing your centrepiece, you might want to consider the number one birthday topper. Our Number Cake Topper is cut from acrylic or bamboo and is 15cm wide. This is perfect for a larger cake – but if you are celebrating with cupcakes, then we have some lovely Mini One Cupcake Toppers that are cut from bamboo, measure 2cm x 4cm and can be in a cursive or bold font. These are adorable mini keepsakes that your guests will love!

A personalised first birthday cake topper is the best keepsake – and we have several to choose from.

Is One Birthday Cake Topper

This can be cut from acrylic or bamboo – if you choose acrylic, there are lots of colours to choose from to match your theme. This topper measures 15cm wide, but the height will depend on the name chosen. All you need to do is choose the colour and let us know the name, and we will do the rest. We love this topper in cursive, but you might prefer the bold font – the choice is yours.

Fairy Theme Is One Cake Topper

Featuring a delicate cut-out fairy as well as the name of your child, this 15cm wide topper is a beautiful statement piece. You have a choice of coloured acrylic or bamboo, and the font can be cursive or bold.

Miss/Mr One Derful Cake Topper

This pun-tastic topper is a popular choice. Cut from either bamboo or your choice of coloured acrylic, it measures 16cm wide.

If you prefer a printed acrylic cake topper, we have some options that could be perfect:

Gold Florals Is One Printed Cake Topper

This is a printed option, with UV cured ink on a 14cm round white acrylic base. You can choose to use a cursive or bold text, and we can add the name of your choice.

Number-printed Floral Cake Topper

At 10cm, this is a smaller option, but still perfectly formed. White acrylic round printed with UV cured ink to make a long-lasting keepsake.

We have so many other personalisation options for all our first birthday cake toppers, from simple one birthday toppers to more extravagant cut-outs and designs. If you are interested in finding out more, you can browse the full range online – but if you don’t see something you would like, then contact us and we will try and help.

The Perfect First Birthday Party from CMC Gold.

There is a reason that parents across Australia trust us here at CMC Gold to create the perfect, personalised baby gifts and accessories for their babies – and that is because we create every piece out of love.

Our founders, Chloe, and Maurice have founded this business based on the love they have for their daughter Cassia. Everything from the business name to the way items are created is inspired by the family unit, and by Cassia herself – she is the model and inspiration for almost all the products we create.

Buying your first birthday cake topper and birthday boards from CMC Gold means that not only are you getting the absolute best in innovative style, you are also supporting a local, Melbourne-based business, too. Shop with us today for your ‘One Birthday Cake Topper!
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