About Us

Our Story so far...

We are still writing our story.... but here's where we are at so far...

A husband, wife and a new baby girl.

In 2016 we started our business with like minds in designing a party supplies range & hand making baby products. Maurice previously ran other businesses and therefore was savvy with the ins and outs of beginning a new business & made the dream become a reality. Chloe was a high school teacher and Coordinator by day, by night a product developer & a handmaker.

Putting in the hard yards of long days and nights, 7 days a week we built & grew CMC GOLD to what it is today & are still growing and expanding.

The perfect trio: She (Chloe) is the product developer, colour enthusiast and stylist. He (Maurice) runs the back end of the company along with the sanding, cutting, designing & marketing.

Little love (Cassia) is our pride, joy, model & has become more of a drive to build CMC GOLD than ever before. (Not to mention is capturing the hearts of our followers on our Instagram stories and we appreciate all the love for her!)

We started out selling party bundles with the vision of making styling a party easy and affordable to creating beautiful decor for babies: Felt Ball Mobiles, Letter blocks, Personalised Dummy Clips, to Personalised acrylic and bamboo decor including Name Plaques and Cake Toppers to name a couple.

Our baby girl is inspiring us to create new and unique products everyday and we are very much looking forward to what the future holds for us.

Thank you for supporting us & loving our products. When you support a local business you're supporting a family, a vision & a dream.

Follow us while we continue our journey @cmc.gold on Instagram.

All our love,
Chloe, Maurice & Cassia