Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


Sore boobs? Missed period? Tiredness? Two little lines on the stick? You’re pregnant! It’s one of the most thrilling, ecstatic moments of your life . The tiny human growing inside you will change everything as you know it forever. Of course, you and your partner will share the special and intimate revelation but then, when you feel it’s right, there will be a time to break the news to the rest of your loved ones.

Plaques Packed with Love

Given that each relative or friend will have their own role to play in your little person’s life, they deserve an individualistic announcement. At CMC Gold, we have for example, a gorgeous Will You Be My Godparents Plaque. You’ll be sure to deliver a lot of exciting emotion with this carved bamboo invitation. Moreover, if this isn’t your first baby you can tell your other children that they’re going to big brother/ sister with our Big Brother/ Sister Announcement Plaques! Not only will it serve the moment beautifully, but they also make stunning keepsakes so that you’ll always be able to remember this delightfully surprising time.

Give Everyone a ‘Scantastic’ Surprise

Many people like to be on the safe side when telling others they’re pregnant. Typically, this means waiting until the end of the first trimester before saying anything to friends and family. However, it is a completely personal choice. Most likely, you’ll have two ultrasounds, the first one within the first 13 weeks will determine the due date and the second at around 20 weeks to discover the gender. The little black and white scan photos are wonderful announcements all on their own.

To further capture this celebratory moment you could purchase one of our personalised Pregnancy Announcement Printed Frames, slipping the scan photo inside and adding your own custom messages. Then, once you’ve been for your second scan, you could plan a ‘gender reveal’ party. This is a perfect opportunity to gather all the people close to you and not only show off your beautiful bump but also learn if you’ll be having a little boy or girl. Once you know, you could then order our It’s a Girl/ It’s a Boy plaques to spread the news so that family members can buy appropriate gifts and essentials for you.

Make People Marvel with Magnificent Milestone Cards

Maybe you want to tell people at different stages or perhaps you love updating far away loved ones of your progress via social media. Our Pregnancy Milestone Card Sets are handy photo props for this! Whether you and your partner take selfies with them, you put them in different backdrops to encapsulate each particular step or simply set them up on the mantelpiece for visitors to see, they make for stunning checkpoints in your journey. Moreover, like with all of our other announcement products, they are amazing reminders that will store very special memories for you to look back on and always treasure.

When it comes to announcing your pregnancy, it’s your time to shine. You deserve to be a radiant mum to be with everyone gushing over the little life inside you. How you go about revealing your impending birth is absolutely up to you and your partner. But, be sure to make it memorable and fun seen as it will be a moment you’ll all always remember. Celebrate, take photos, throw parties, order personalised products and receive lots of well wishes. Do whatever helps you feel special and ready. From us all at CMC Gold, we’d like to say many congratulations and wish you a very happy and safe pregnancy. May your journey to parenthood be joyous, unique and full of love.


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