10 Questions Every New Mum Asks

10 Questions Every New Mum Asks


Becoming a mother is an undeniable pleasure filled with joyous moments for you and your partner to cherish forever. However, no matter how long you’ve prepared for this venture you will inevitably run into a whole heap of surprises and mishaps. But fear not, super parents! You are not alone in your bewilderments and curiosities. It is perfectly normal to want to ask questions and to be unsure.

  1. Why won’t my baby sleep?

The list is endless. It could range from colic, hunger, gas or constipation, not knowing the difference between day and night, being too hot or cold, needing a nappy change or just not being using to their surroundings. Try feeding bub, changing their nappy and giving them some cuddles. It is very normal for newborns to wake during the night while they find their new routine in the outside world. It doesn’t last forever so embrace the cuddles.  

  1. What’s better- breastfeeding or the bottle?

Fed is best. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, as long as baby is being fed they will develop and grow all the same. Enjoy the bonding time during feeding times as it’s another thing that won’t last forever.  

  1. How often should my baby eat?

During the first month the common rate is around 8-12 times a day, so, around every 3 hours. If you have a baby like my girls it’ll be smaller amounts more frequently. There is no one size fits all approach but guides to help you understand you’re doing perfectly fine as a mum. The frequency your baby will feed will decrease as they get older. You can also start to introduce solids at around 6 months.

  1. What do my baby’s cries mean?

You little son or daughter will cry for a plethora of reasons. Most likely because they’re hungry, gassy, wanting attention or not feeling well. Moreover, they could be too hot or cold or simply uncomfortable. Remember that this is their main form of communication so don’t panic if your baby cries often.

  1. When should we take our newborn out?

If you and baby are well, whenever you feel comfortable! Being a newborn is a big sensory adventure and it’s very exciting to introduce your little one to the world. For example, you can explore in the garden together with one of our gorgeous play mats. Even small bouts of fresh air time are beneficial!

  1. How should we decorate the nursery?

This is a very personal and individualistic decision. This your chance to be creative and design a haven for your beautiful bundle. As for decorations…We love our classic mobiles which look dazzling with all kinds of themes. You can also add lighting, wall features, soft cushions, sumptuous blankets and of course lots of toys!!

  1. How should I dress my little one?

For the first 6 months the most practical thing for babies are onesies. But a good rule of thumb is one more layer than what you’re wearing.

  1. What’s the deal with the multicoloured poops?

Green? Yellow? My god! Be ready to see all manners of ungodly shades of stools in your baby’s nappy. The only colours to worry about are red or white, be sure to call a doctor as these colours could signify health problems.

  1. When should I go back to work?

This will depend on your emotional state and financial situation. Be sure to do what is best for you. Don’t go off other’s experiences or read too much into this one. It is vital that you focus on your own logistics and decide the best solution for your particular case.

  1. Am I doing a good job?

With each stage comes new challenges but so long as you throw yourself into each one with love and care, you’ll be killing it. Bringing up a child is no easy feat but just keeping telling yourself that you’re doing your best and that yes, it is enough, and you are a truly splendid mother.

When all is said and done, this is all a major learning curve, but as much as it can be stressful it is also incredible, enthralling and magical. Enjoy the ride and embrace all the wonderful craziness of motherhood.


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