Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The first Sunday of September is a special day on the calendar. All throughout Australia we will be celebrating our dads. Some fathers are sporty, some like to go down the pub with friends, whilst others man the BBQ, love business or do lots of DIY. No matter what our dashing dads excel at, this spectacular Sunday is to remind them of how wonderful they are as our dad. To be a father is one of man’s greatest pride and joy and it’s important that as a family we come together on this day, to cherish it. To mark it we buy cards and gifts, but it can be difficult to find the perfect present. That’s why we’ll suggest some ideas below.

Tailored Treats

At CMC Gold we adore the uniqueness of each family and want to celebrate each and every individual dad. That’s why we are so passionate about making personalised gifts. Some of our faves include:

  • Reasons I Love My Daddy Board- You can list why your dad is the very best and remind him how wonderful he is!

  • This Dad Belongs To Keyring- Everyday as daddy heads out, he’ll look down at his keys and think of you.

  • Photo Magnet- A fantastic family fridge feature to demonstrate how much you value dad.

  • Transparent Printed Photo Frame- Something just for him to have on his bedside table or on his desk at work, to bring a big beaming smile to his face every time he sees that lovely photo of you all together!

These little presents are not only affordable but also extremely thoughtful. Instead of another carbon copy mass produced product, you can show how much you care by choosing a handmade item with personal touches. Your dad will just love you going that extra mile! They’ll also become incredibly cute keepsakes to reminisce upon over the years. Let’s melt daddy’s heart with CMC Gold’s stunning range of tear-jerking gifts.

Diverse Days Out

If you have a bigger budget you could hit websites like Groupon and spoil your papa rotten with an adventurous race car ride. Or you could bag yourself a fabulous offer on the swanky new restaurant in the city he’s been dying to try. There’s even skydiving, Sea Life, VR, karaoke, skywalking, scavenger hunts and painting trips you could try. There’s all kinds of things to do and something for every kind of dad. Physically tangible presents are always great but these kinds of gifts mean that you can make memories sharing an experience together! Think of all the fun you’ll have, pictures you’ll take and beautiful bonding time you’ll get together. These moments are simply priceless.

Oldies but Goodies

Go back to basics with these sworn present pleasers. We’re talking his favourite scotch, proper chocolates, packs of socks and jocks or the trusty mug. Nothing beats those traditional presents that satisfy all fathers. Especially if money is tight, these and a homemade lunch show how much you care just as much as any other gift. Or, if you can splash the cash they make for nice little openers with the morning coffee before further spoiling happens!

No matter what your agenda is, remember that this wonderful day only comes about once a year. Always cherish it and hold it dearly. We all grow up very quickly and our fathers are our rocks, supportive role models who well and truly deserve their own day. A day to be told how hard they work, how unique they are and how much we love and appreciate them. To all dads throughout Australia, we say you do an amazing job and here’s to you receiving some gorgeous gifts.


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