Natural Pacifiers

As the name suggests these perfect pacifiers quell any agitation, pain and anxiety your baby may experience. Outstandingly organic, our rubber baby pacifier will satisfy your little one’s sucking instinct.
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A Nurturing Natural Rubber Pacifier

They are ideal for breastfeeding mummies to use as a nursing buddy providing extra comfort after feeds. At CMC Gold, we supply high quality products as nothing is more precious to us than your baby’s health and wellbeing. We love supplying you with products that will become staples in your baby carriers.

Dreamy Pacifiers Made with 100% Sustainable and Natural Rubber

A natural rubber baby pacifier from us is a helpful, safe and reliable relaxant as your baby develops. As you begin breastfeeding, you’ll find yourself needing a respite. You can have total peace of mind with our fantastic dummies.

  • They’re uber safe- with no parabens, PVC, phthalates or chemical softeners

  • BPA (Bisphenol A) free

  • One piece design- avoiding choking hazards and to stave off lurking bacteria

  • Round shaped with a soft large shield to caress baby’s nose, more closely simulating breastfeeding

  • They’re made with Hevea rubber which is not only natural but extremely easy to clean and sterilise

  • They come in different sizes- for age appropriate options, there’s small (0-3 months), medium (3-6 months) and large (6 months+)

Subsequently, for more tranquill nights and serener nap times you should have these cultivators of calm handy. As your son or daughter will be overwhelmed with early life emotions, this simple product will soften, soothe and help them to channel their irritations.

CMC Gold Goodness for Your Family

We are a company built on family and babyhood is our constant source of inspiration. Our speciality is in craftsmanship, meaning that we have a keen eye for the details. This combined with our dedication and commitment to our products allows us to excel in this industry. This is evident through our reviews in which happy customers have raved about our natural baby pacifier. We take feedback on our all of our pieces very seriously seen as you are the best witnesses to our success. Your support is everything and drives us to continue to work hard.

Every child is a gift, a unique individual, the apple to their parent’s eye. Celebrate the enthralling, enchanting moments of their first developments by choosing the correct components. When you buy our merchandise, you won’t be disappointed as what you see is exactly what you get and we take safety extremely seriously. You’ll see that our dummies and other collections pass all the vital and obligatory standards, obligations and regulations.

Our ratings say it all, trust in this incredible sense of community that surrounds us and come and join in. We love to hear from you and will always take the time to respond to your queries. We regard customer service very highly and aim to deliver an impeccable service. So, if you like the look of our baby natural pacifiers feel free to get in touch with us for further information or create an account to start shopping!
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