The Top 10 Christmas Decorations for your Home

The Top 10 Christmas Decorations for your Home

One of the best parts of early December is getting into the holiday mood and preparing your home for the upcoming Christmas season. Decorations do not need to be new, extravagant, or trendy. What’s important is the Christmas cheer that they reflect. Here is our list of the top 10 Christmas decorations for your home.

  1. Stockings hung by the chimney with care Christmas stockings are the greatest. They serve as a prelude to Santa’s arrival and also give Mum and Dad an extra half-hour of sleep on Christmas morning. Don’t be concerned with matching stockings perfectly by colour or theme. Let each member of your family decorate and/or personalise their stocking to their own taste. That way Santa will be sure to know whose is whose!

  2. Personalised Christmas ornaments one of the most enjoyable Christmas traditions celebrated by families all over the world is decorating the Christmas tree with cherished ornaments from days long ago. It brings special joy to pull out that ornament made from playdough that an adult child made back in the 80s. You can make future Christmases a delight by personalising this year’s ornaments with pictures, names, dates, and specific memories from 2021.

  3. Decorations for our furry friends – for many of us, our pets are just as much a part of the family as the humans, so there’s no reason to leave them out of the Christmas celebration. Pets can get their own stockings with toys and treats. They can also get their own tree ornaments, like their a dog paw Christmas ornament or gifts to memorialise your time with them. A cute tradition is for family members to receive gifts “from” the pets. There are some other furry friends you shouldn’t forget: the reindeer! Incorporate Santa’s furry friends into the celebration with a reindeer food board loaded with carrots and celery. Your kids will have fun preparing snacks for Santa’s team.

  4. Decorations for Santa- it’s always fun to incorporate the big red man into your Christmas decorations, especially when you have a household of kids who are anxiously awaiting his arrival. You can create a special board for Santa’s milk and cookies, a “Stop here Santa!” sign, or a display that counts down the number of days until Santa’s visit. Let your little ones know that Santa was here by creating Santa tracks with our footprint stencil and leaving an extra special Santa sack for each member of the family.

  5. Decorations for baby – Christmas time is always extra special when you have a new addition to the family. Make the new baby a centre point for your holiday décor. This can include personalised ornaments to commemorate the birth, festive dummies, or first-time pictures with Santa. For more ideas on how to make baby’s first Christmas extra special, check out our blog “How to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas”.

  6. Decorations for the ones we miss the most – there are some people in our lives – whether family members or friends – whom Christmas will never be the same without. Memorialise loved ones you’ve lost and let them know they are with you in spirit with personalised memorial ornaments. They will always be in our hearts.

  7. Christmas Stars or Tree-Toppers – what’s the centrepiece of Christmas? The tree. What’s the centrepiece of the tree? The tree-topper. Get creative with different colours or materials. And remember that it doesn’t have to be a star. Create a tree-topper that best reflects your family.

  8. Advent or Countdown calendars are you tired of hearing “is Santa here yet??” every few hours or so? Make the anticipation of his arrival part of the celebration. Display an Advent calendar that counts down the days leading up to Christmas. Include small little treats and gifts for each day of the month. It will feel like Christmas morning each day of December. It’s also a nice way to introduce calendars, time, and planning to young children.

  9. Keepsake Boxes revisit cherished memories with everyone’s own personal Christmas keepsake box. These boxes can contain pictures, treasures, or special moments from each Christmas year. Make it a tradition to open up the boxes at the same time and relive those special moments together.

  10. Personalised gift tags let guests know that they are a very special and welcomed member of your celebration by including personalised gift tags. They are also a great way to keep gifts organised!

We hope that you enjoyed our list of the top 10 Christmas Decorations. We want to wish all families a very special and safe holiday season this year.


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