How to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas

How to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas

We at CMC Gold want to wish all families a wonderful and safe holiday season. We also want to extend an extra special Christmas greeting to all of the new parents out there who are excitedly (or maybe frantically!) preparing for their newborn baby’s first Christmas. The truth is, no Christmas gift will ever be able to match the joy of your new arrival. Whether your newborn is one month or eleven months old, new parents are always looking for ways to make their baby’s first Christmas special. Many parents feel added pressure due to hosting extended family members who want to meet the new bundle of joy. Because you may be wishing for Santa to bring you a full night’s sleep for Christmas this year, we’ve come up with a list of easy ways to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas.

Start New Traditions

It’s the year of many firsts for your newborn baby. The first smile, the first laugh, the first roll-over. Now is the perfect time to start a new Christmas tradition that your family can celebrate each year of your child’s life. You will be able to look back 20 years from now and remember how it was your baby’s first Christmas that got the tradition started. Many families celebrate with baby’s very first velvet Christmas stocking that can be hung again for years to come. Another favourite is getting a new Christmas ornament for each year of your baby’s life. Personalise the ornament with the year, baby’s name, and specific memories from that year. Every year of decorating the tree comes with revisiting those special memories.

Investing in professional photos

It can be one of the best ways to remember your first Christmas with the new member of the family. Pick a beautiful indoor or outdoor setting with your favourite Christmas themes. For extra fun, choose matching attire or have baby wear a costume such as a reindeer, Santa, or even wrapped up like the Christmas present he or she truly is! Capture the memories and share prints as easy and affordable gifts. Many parents worry that their little one won’t be in the mood to be picture-perfect. We have a wide variety of Christmas dummies that are both festive and soothing for baby when he/she meets Santa for the first time. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether your baby or toddler has a perfect smile in their snapshot with Santa. What’s important is capturing your child’s (and Santa’s!) true emotion upon their first picture together. Screaming baby pictures are much more fun to look back on anyway.

Preserve Baby’s handprint or footprint

One of the bitter-sweet moments of your child’s first year of life is how quickly she/he grows into and then immediately out of your favourite outfits. They seem to be growing by the minute! Capture your baby’s sweet little hands and feet with a print. You can use paint, plaster, or clay and turn it into a Christmas ornament. It will be loads of fun comparing your baby’s print from their first Christmas to their second…..and then their third! See them grow right before your eyes!

Get a potted Christmas tree 

There are so many parts of your baby’s first Christmas that you will want to save and cherish for years to come. Why not start with the greatest Christmas symbol of all: the tree! For this very special year, consider buying a potted Christmas tree that you can plant in the backyard when Christmas is over. You can watch and enjoy the tree growing along with your baby. It also beautifies your yard and is more environmentally friendly!

We hope that this list of suggestions makes this Christmas both extra easy and extra special for your baby’s first Christmas.


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