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We have sourced our favourite colours to suit gender neutral, baby boys and baby girls. We stock Size 2 which is suitable NB-18m. Some babies have been known to gag at the length of the size 2 teat, however others are perfectly fine hence the NB-18 size range, to be on the safe side from 6m+ babies have developed enough that they shouldn't gag on the length of this teat so our recommendation is 6-18m with a size 2 bibs dummy. This is a guide online. BIBS made size 2 as their universal size suitable for NB until bub no longer needs a dummy.
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The Best Dummy for Your Baby

As a new parent, making the decisions about everything from feeding schedules to sleeping patterns seems to be fraught with competing advice and it can be difficult to know if you are making the right decisions. Someone always has some ‘helpful’ advice, whether you are holding your baby too much, whether you should breast or bottle feed, how long you let your newborn sleep for, whether you should bathe them regularly... it can be a really confusing time.

We have been there, we understand. We had to make the same decisions about our babies, and no matter what you choose, as parents, we know that al you want is the best for your baby – so that is why at CMC Gold we stock a full range of BIBS dummies. If you decide that using a dummy is the right choice for you and your baby, we make a point to ensure that the dummies we offer our customers are the best in the business so you can be sure you are making the best of that decision.

CMC Gold is born out of love. Chloe and Maurice are inspired to create new products every day by their beautiful daughters Cassia and Charlize, and that is why every item we make or choose to stock is carefully curated to ensure that it is the very best option available. From our independently safety tested dummy clips to our 100% organic natural cotton swaddle blankets, we know and are proud of the origins of all our products, which is why we stock BIBS dummies.

BIBS Dummies - uropean Standards, Australian Care

We are a stockist of BIBS Dummies in Australia. We have a range of colour options available, in three sizes: Size 1, suitable from newborn to 6 months, Size 2, suitable for 6-18 months, and Size 3, for 18 months+.

BIBS Dummies are Danish made, which means that they conform to European safety standard EN1400. This safety standard relates to all materials, constructions, performance, and packaging including instructions for any product that resembles or functions as a soother. These dummies also conform to the Australian safety standard AS2432 which is broadly the same as the European standard.

This high-quality Danish brand was invented in the 80’s and refined in the following decades – now, BIBS dummies are a trusted brand across the world. Made just north of Copenhagen in Denmark, the BIBS Dummies range are carefully designed to be a close simulation to breast feeding, with teats that are made from 100% natural rubber.

BIBS Dummies are 100% BPA, PVC, and Phthalates free. They are suitable for use by every baby, from newborn to 18m+ (depending on size) and are made in some beautiful colours, too!

The Choice is Yours

We think that BIBS are among the best dummies in Australia and that is partly because of their natural rubber teat and brilliant design, but also because they come is such lovely colours, too! You can choose from:

  • Baby blue

  • Baby pink

  • Light grey

  • Vanilla

  • White

  • Blush

  • Midnight (navy)

Each of these can be purchased singly, or in packs of up to 6 – and each can be a different colour, if you like!

Care Instructions and Safety

When you first receive your BIBS Dummies from us, it is important that you sterilise them. We do not suggest using a steriliser as this could damage the natural rubber dummy. Instead, boil some water and put into a container, and soak the dummies for about 5 minutes.

BIBS dummies have a vented teat to allow for air to escape and to help them stay safe and maintain their shape when sucked. However, water can enter these small holes when immersed in hot water, so do be sure to squeeze excess water out before giving to your baby.

The natural rubber that makes the teat will swell when sucked and teats can split due to excessive expansion, so we suggest you replace your dummies every 4-6 weeks to ensure safety.

The BIBS dummies do not come with a protective cover, so to keep them safe and clean, why not try our CMC Pouch. Made from the same plastic we use to create our teething toys, the CMC Pouch is free of BPA and PVC, and makes a stylish and safe way to transport up to 5 dummies and/or three or four dummy clips. The CMC Pouch has a trendy leopard print pattern and because it is made without PVC and BPA, it is more flexible and looks great!

CMC Gold - For All Your Baby Dummy Needs

When you have decided on your perfect baby dummy, why not check out our range of personalised dummy clips? These make a great addition to stop dummies falling and getting lost, and they make good gifts, too.

You can choose from Personalised Leather dummy clips, made from beautiful tan leather. These come with silicone clips in a range of colours, and the lettering can be foiled or engraved. Each leather dummy clip is independently lab tested, for both mechanical and chemical safety, making sure that they are certified to EN12586, which ensures the safety of soother holders. These leather dummy holders are available plain, or they can have up to 10 letters engraved or foiled. Foiling offers the widest range of colour options, but the nature of the foiling process means this is more likely to fade with normal wear and tear.

We love our Personalised Bead Dummy Clips. Stylish and modern, the beads we use come in a range of colours and shapes, so you can add some interest as well as the name of your baby. Choose whether you want a hex or round shape, and then we have an entire palette of colours to choose from! You can add up to nine letters to the beaded dummy clips, so you can make it as personal as you like.

Sales, Shipping and Returns for Dummies

Buying from CMC Gold is simple. We offer several payment options; you can choose to pay straight away using your credit or debit card, but we also work with Afterpay – so you can spread the cost over 4 equal fortnightly payments. You’ll need to be an Australian resident and meet some criteria to open an Afterpay account, more information can be found on our website.

We offer free delivery for orders over $200. For information about delivery costs and estimated delivery times, we have created a handy table on our ‘shipping’ page. With our handmade items, we make them to order so aim to get them made, checked, and despatched within 3-4 days.

We have a comprehensive returns policy, but if you change your mind about your BIBS dummies purchase, we are unable to offer a refund or exchange if they are not in the original sealed package, due to hygiene and safety reasons. We will of course, endeavour to help you if the product is damaged.

Buy your BIBS dummies with confidence from CMC Gold today!
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BIBS dummies are Danish made, 100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free and has a 100% natural rubber teat.

When you receive your dummy, like any other dummy it will need to be sterilised before use. Please do not put dummies in steralizers of any kind. Boil water & place dummy in a cup of water for 5 minutes. 

Please read the care instructions carefully on the inside of your box. Dummies should be replaced every 4-6 weeks. Natural Rubber swells when it's sucked therefore keeping them longer than the recommended time period will cause excessive swelling which leads to making it difficult for bub to take a new dummy (which hasn't swelled yet). In some cases the teats can split due to excessive expansion. 

Unfortuantely, we cannot accept exchanges or returns on any dummies for choosing wrong colours or change of mind, unless the dummies are still in the sealed packaging. 

Vented teats

All BIBS dummies feature a vented teat which are tiny holes which allows air to escape, thus allowing it to stay soft and keep its shape, thereby helping to prevent jaw malformation.

Due to the "vent" opening, water can sometimes enter the teat when the soother is boiled or sterilised, if this happens let the dummy cool down and then simply press out the remaining water using your finger and thumb, with the ring facing downwards

Please ensure you choose your BIBS dummies carefully, for hygiene reasons we do not offer any returns or exchanges.

All BIBS Dummies meet the Australian Safety Standard for soothers (code number AS2432-1991). The BIBS Dummies are also made to in accordance with the Pacifier Safety requirements by European standard EN1400.

Best part about the BIBS dummies we are offering customers the opportunity to make up their own personalised colour packs of 1 or 6. Please note: if you select more colours than your ordered pack number we will select the top colours on your order.  I.e- purchased a 2 pack but 4 colours chosen we will send out your top 2 colours. Customers are welcome to leave a message in the cart to confirm their colours also. 

Please note: Dummies do not come with a cover or cap.  Check out our CMC Pouch.



Please note that if you choose a colour that is on back order we won't send your order out until those dummies on back order arrive. If you would like your dummies before the back order date please select another colour. 



Select your pack amount. 

Select your colours from the drop down menus. If you would like a pack of 3 then select 3 colours from the drop down menu.


Do not use a steraliser of any kind as they can get too hot and may make the plastic bubble. Immerse your BIBS dummy in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes and let it air dry. 




Turn Around Time

We are always all hands on deck so all handmade orders are made by us within 2-4 days of receiving payment and then shipped out the following day.

During a sale period or during busy periods like Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Christmas time it might be a couple days more. 
Please refer to our cut off times for these periods on our website home page or social pages. 



We understand the importance of keeping the shipping cost low for our customers which is why we have made every effort to find the best deals we can in offering you the cheapest possible rates.

Shipping costs are estimated on size and weight of items. Shipping costs will be calculated at the time of checkout and will be dispatched from our warehouse in Melbourne.

We mainly use Australia post but for the odd heavier, bulkier package we will use Sendle. 

Estimated shipping time frames by standard post:

* Melbourne 2 business days

* Adelaide 2-3 business days

* Brisbane 2-3 business days

* Hobart 3-4 business days

* Sydney 4 business days

* Canberra 4-5 business days

* Perth 5-6 business days


If you have some last minute items to order don’t worry, we offer express shipping via Australia Post. 

This service is shipped from Melbourne and takes approximately 1-2 business days depending on your location.

Please allow extra time outside of major city CBD postcodes as Australia Post’s next day guarantee may not apply.

Click here for further information on Australia Post Express Post to your region from Melbourne Victoria. 


We offer international shipping on request. We are based in Melbourne, Australia. If you are from outside of Australia, please let us know and we will quote you your shipping price.

Some orders may incur a custom or import duty charge. These charges are based according to your countries regulations and compliances.

For further information, please contact your local customs office.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at 



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Hi Steph Thanks so much for getting in touch. If you're comparing the used dummy teat size to the new dummy teat size this is quite common with dummies that have vented teats and are made of natural rubber. So you are right in saying that used teats are not the same with new teats. When bub sucks the dummy the teat expands and they end up bigger especially around the top they develop ‘a ball’ like shape (So your old ones will look bigger). That is one of the reasons why dummies should be replaced every 4-6 weeks as per the instructions on the box. A vented teat means there are holes in the teat so eventually with the sucking the actual rubber changes shape to bubs mouth (hence why they also expand- this ensures there is no jaw malfunction when sucking). You will find once bub sucks the new ones in a few weeks they will also expand. It’s a common question I get asked so I have been in consultation with BIBS Denmark and that is the response I received from them. However, i have experienced this personally with my daughter too. The longer over the 4-6 week time frame to replace them the bigger they expand due to the sucking. I hope that helps :) Chloe
Very Stylish and Durable
The only one that my baby loves!
Best dummies