Must Haves for a Beautiful Birth Announcement

Must Haves for a Beautiful Birth Announcement

The long wait is over, and your new baby is here! When you’ve finally come back down to earth, you’ll want to let all your family and friends know the good news. While you may decide to call those closest to you, there are lots of fun ways to announce the arrival of your little one.

From birth announcement cards to plaques and photos, we take a look at some of the ways to announce your baby’s safe birth in a unique way.

Birth Announcement Cards

Of course, you can buy readymade cards to announce your new arrival, but personalised cards make much more of an impact. Whether you choose to buy pre-printed cards and fill in the details of the birth yourself or you have them printed for a more professional look, birth announcement cards give the recipient all the details that they’re dying to know, from the baby’s name, date of birth, their birth weight and even how long they are!

Birth Announcement Plaques

If you’re looking for something a little more unusual than a card, a birth announcement plaque is a great option. The plaque can be personalised with your new baby’s name or even announce to the world that your firstborn has a new brother or sister. It’s a great way to ensure that your existing child or children feel involved with the birth and want to celebrate the arrival of their new sibling.

Birth Announcement Photos

Or for a truly personalised announcement, why not send a photo? You don’t have to go to the expense of a professional photographer. With today’s smartphones, it’s easy to capture beautiful images of your new baby, either alone, with mum or dad or with both parents and create a wonderful keepsake photo to send to family and friends. You’ll find many templates online for you to put together a photo with those all-important details surrounding the birth of your new arrival or you can use a company that will do the whole thing for you.

One way to make sure that your baby is looking extra cute and lovely is to choose a special outfit for their first photo shoot. Whether you choose a colourful romper or simply present them to the world in a pretty swaddle set, it’s sure to become an item that you’ll want to store in their keepsake box for posterity. Our birth bundle sets include a choice of supersoft cotton swaddle sets complete with swaddle headwrap and beanie together with a matching birth plaque to record baby’s details.

When you’re happy with your photo, no doubt you’ll want to keep a copy for yourself and display it in a special frame. A personalised birth announcement photo frame will take away the hassle of having to superimpose the birth details on your photograph as it has space for all the vital information on the frame itself.

Can’t Decide on Which Kind of Announcement to Use?

Thanks to the easy availability of personalised products, you don’t have to limit yourself to one medium. After all, this is a special occasion, so why not send photos to close friends and family, present plaques to close family members and send cards to everyone else? They’re a lovely way to welcome the new addition to the world.


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