Documenting Milestones – A Record of Your Little One’s Life

Documenting Milestones – A Record of Your Little One’s Life

Documenting Milestones – A Record of Your Little One’s Life

It seems like just yesterday that you announced that you were pregnant and all of a sudden your much longed-for baby has now turned two or three or even twenty-two! Wow! Where did the time go? It seemed to race by in a flash!

One way to slow down time is to document your child’s life. It gives you chance to cherish every milestone, appreciate every special moment, and gives you something to look back on when you can’t get your head around how fast time flies.

Let’s look at ways to stop time for a moment and create memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.


Pregnancy is an exciting time. The first few months seem to fly by, the last month seems to last an eternity and then …. it’s over. Why not document your pregnancy week by week, month by month, trimester by trimester? From pregnancy announcement plaques to ultrasound picture frames to pregnancy milestone cards, each landmark in your pregnancy can be acknowledged and celebrated. You may also want to consider writing letters to your baby – say whatever you have to say about your life, your pregnancy and your hopes for the future.

Your Baby’s Arrival

Your wait is over, and your new baby is here! The traditional way to announce your baby’s arrival is with a card. You’ll probably also want to document all the details, name, birth date/time, weight, length, etc and what better way than in a journal or on a personalised photo frame or plaque? It’s also a good time to start a keepsake box with perhaps the band that was around their ankle, their ultrasound pictures or even a plaster cast of their tiny hands and feet. Remember, they’ll never be so tiny again and you will forget just how quickly they grow.

The First Year Month by Month

We said that babies grow quickly, and they do, but many times you don’t even notice it! One way to capture these changes is by taking monthly growth photos. The photos can be arranged in a collage to reflect how they morphed from being just a tiny helpless bundle to an independent toddler who is into everything.

Look for things each month to add to your keepsake box, perhaps hair from your baby’s first haircut, their first pair of socks, their first rattle or their favourite toy (although you may have to wait a while before you can add this!)

Baby books are another great way to document your baby’s milestones and day-to-day activities, especially as they come in a format that prompts you for information. It’s an easy way for you to keep up with the changes your baby is going through especially when you have so many other demands on your time. Some of the ‘firsts’ you may want to document include:

  • First bath

  • First foods

  • First smile

  • First haircut

  • First steps

  • First words

  • First tooth

These ‘firsts’ can also be captured on camera and used to make a collage or video. Most smartphones will make a ‘film’ of special memories accompanied by music!

The First Birthday

And suddenly your baby is one! What a milestone! A whole year of watching your little one grow and develop has passed and their first birthday is certainly one to celebrate.

Commemorate everything your baby has achieved in the past year on a birthday board. Or why not create something totally unique to you and your baby by making a baby quilt from their clothes? Combine their first muslin clothes with your favourite romper or onesie, use their first baby blanket as a base or applique their tiny mittens or socks. Let your creative spirit run wild!

And So It Goes ……

Capturing milestones on camera or documenting them in a book will help your child to understand their place in life and where they came from. It’s not just a trip down memory lane for you but a part of living history – and with the aid of smartphones and dedicated personalised products, it’s never been easier to document our lives.


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