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Girls Full Circular Name Keepsake Box
Briana Oakley (Sydney, AU)

Absolutely blown away by the quality and beauty of our keepsake box. We got the large one and it is definitely big enough for all the keepsakes we have and more that I’m sure we will collect over time. Thank you CMC. I love it!

Thanks so much Briana, so glad you love the keepsake box! <3

Golden Floral Swaddle Set
Rebecca Conlan (Tanilba Bay, AU)

These swaddle sets are such beautiful quality. They are stretchy and soft and super snug when I put it on my newborn.

Thanks so much, so glad you love our swaddles <3

Daisy Polka Dot Swaddle Set
Rebecca Conlan (Tanilba Bay, AU)

These swaddle sets are such beautiful quality. They are stretchy and soft and super snug when I put it on my newborn.

Thanks so much, so glad you love our swaddles <3

CMC Dummies Varicoloured Twin Pack (Size 1) NB-6m
Rebecca Conlan (Tanilba Bay, AU)

My baby girl had taken to these dummies amazingly. We usually use BIBS dummies but these are so much prettier and the fact that they come with a cover is even better 👏🏼

Thanks so much Rebecca, so glad the transition from BIBS to CMC dummies was easy <3

CMC Dummies (Size 2) 6-18m
Rebecca Conlan (Tanilba Bay, AU)

My baby girl has taken to these dummies amazingly. I love how cute they are and that there’s so many pretty colour options 🥰

Thanks so much, so glad you love them! :)

Dummy Clips (5 Letters)
Kirsty Taylor (Brisbane, AU)

This is the third dummy clip I have purchased from CMC GOLD for my three babies. (My first girl is nearly 5 years old). Every design has been perfect!! I knew I HAD to get another one for my little man 😍😍

Love love love! Highly recommend ❤️

CMC dummies

Usually buy BIBS and thought I would give the CMC ones a shot as they are Australian made ect . slight difference in teat size bibs is smaller however cmc seems to be less of a structured shape. CMC is good quality and very pretty tho and extra handy with the covers! Picture is a BIBS and CMC comparison (CMC CHERRY BLOSSOM AND BIBS PURPLE)
Will be moving over to CMC for dummies for my addicted baby, 4th baby and I swear by the cherry latex teats and so happy to find one online that is easy to order and so so quick to ship to rural Western Australia. Thanks 🥰

Silicone Plate
Samantha Price (Sydney, AU)

I bought the bowl, plate and bib in the recent sale and I can't believe how good the quality is and the colours are just stunning. My little babe isn't even here yet but I couldn't resist. Had been eyeing all the goodies at cmc. Will be back once she arrives.

BIBS Dummies Twin Packs (Size 1) NB-6m
Jade Pettit (Sydney, AU)

First time mum here, we were recommended bibs by our midwife and I can see why.
Dummies are light and perfect for our little man who loves his bibs when he is fussy.
Fast delivery and great communication.


Came out exactly like the photos! Beautiful quality and the team is so nice! I accidentally forgot to upload the photo during checkout and instead of just cancelling my order they personally contacted me on how to send it to them to complete the order! Such a wonderful business! I'll be coming back again!!!

Thankyou guys! Xoxox

CMC Dummies (Size 1) NB-6m
Holly (Briar Hill, AU)
Great product

Really happy with these dummies. We were using bibs which my baby was happy with, but I saw these and decided to give them a go. I was a bit worried baby wouldn’t take it (she was 3.5 months when I swapped) but she took to it without batting an eye and has gone back and forth between our last bibs dummy and this one. I love that they have caps, I always disliked that bibs didn’t have caps. I also really like that they are air filled so don’t fill with water when you clean them. And I like that they are Australian made and owned. They are also really cute, colours look even nicer in person. Only down side is not as many colours to choose from as the bibs ones. Would love a purple one! But otherwise really happy I made the switch.

Hi Holly,

Thanks for the amazing feedback! :)
We will be releasing new colours in the next coming weeks with a purple colour definitely coming aswell <3

Jessica E (South Yarra, AU)
Always a winner

Jelly cats are easily the best gift for new bubs!

Statement piece for any event.

So beautiful! Got so many comments on the cake topper, shipped quick and made a beautiful statement piece. I have stuck it in my sons baby book as a keepsake for him to see when he is older 🤍

CMC Dummies (Size 2) 6-18m
Phoebe Stephenson (Perth, AU)

Awesome dummies, my baby has only taken well to BIBS in the past and now actually won’t take the BIBS at all as he likes these better! About to order the my second lot of dummies now after originally only purchasing 3 :) Love that they have a dummy cover ! And a cuter handle :)


The design is just beautiful and better in person!! Was a perfect size for toddlers hands and looked lovely in the photo. Thank you.

Christmas Ornament - Name Cutout
Penny Docherty (Woolloomooloo, AU)

Loved all previous ones ordered. Such a charming little gift.

CMC Dummies (Size 1) NB-6m
Amanda Mallia (Elderslie, AU)
Amazing 🤩

SO glad I came across these.

My 3 month old has such chubby cheeks that the plastic of other dummies would rub red marks into her cheeks! The slight upward curve shape of the dummy plastic means they don’t rub her beautiful cheeks anymore! Took her a day or two to get use to the different teat shape but now she loves it.

Will definitely be ordering more soon.

CMC Dummies (Size 3) 18m+
Melanie Burgess (Melbourne, AU)
Absolutely love

My daughter is really fussy with dummies and only likes the ones made with cherry teats, she absolutely loves the CMC dummies. I love that they come with a cap to keep clean in the baby bag, and nothings better then knowing your supporting a local Australian made business. Thank you CMC good for making these.

Thanks so much Melanie, so glad you enjoyed the dummies!
Your feedback means so much to us on this <3

BIBS Dummies Twin Packs (Size 1) NB-6m
Victoria Nobbs (Cammeray, AU)
Great dummies!

Our little girl was only 2.7kgs at birth so basically everything we had including dummies were too big! Thankfully the BIBS dummy is shaped going out instead of towards the mouth so she was able to take this dummy with only a little bit of work. Such a lifesaver! Perfect for small babies with little mouths / little space between mouth & nose.


Thank you so much for this wonderful product - it turned out absolutely beautifully!!! The turn around was really fast and it came exactly as described. Thanks again.

Girls Full Circular Name Keepsake Box
Brittany Whare (Peakhurst, AU)

LOVE THEM FOR MY GIRLS! Beautifully designed and very fast delivery.

Bento Lunch Box
Esther Hosking (Hillside, AU)

Easy to clean
Not cheaply made! Poor lunch box cops a beating from my 15 month old 😂, it’s thrown around but loved very much
Super cute
I ordered lavender colour with sunflower and looks just like the photos

100% recommend

Birth Announcement Card
Georgina Davis (Launceston, AU)

This is perfect, I cannot wait to use this over the next few days!
I do however feel there should be more reassurance from the seller as to what kind of permanent markers are suitable for use; due to the grain of wood.
Overall amazing!

Hi Georgina,

Thanks so much for your review, so glad you love it!
You can use a fine tip texta to write the name on the birth card.

Hope this helps!

is One Cake Topper
Katheine (Sydney, AU)
1st birthday cake topper

So beautiful and looks absolutely perfect on

Thanks so much for the review Katheine!
Cake looks great!

Bento Lunch Box
Caitlin (Perth, AU)
The perfect bento box!

Oh my goodness. I spent so long comparing bento style lunch boxes, mainly ones that could be personalised. This one by CMC gold ticks all the boxes, pardon the pun, for me because;
It can be personalised
Size (fits most 'off the shelf' cooler bags)
Colours Choices / Designs (cute but not too tacky)
Clear Insert Tray (yah for no tacky designs)
Tray Insert Options (4 or 6)
Quality (seems to be sturdy, haven't used it excessively - yet!)
Price (comparable to other brands)
Customer Service - relatively quick turn around, no issues with ordering etc.

Now all I wish for is a 'snack' version.🤞🥰

Thanks so much Caitlin for the review!
So glad you love the bento box :D

It is definitely something we will look at down the track in including another size <3


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