BIBS Dummies

A Great Alternative to BIBS Dummies

At CMC Gold, we are proud to bring you quality children’s items, so whether you are looking for the perfect gift, the best accessories for your child or you simply need to replenish your supply of dummies, you have come to the right place.

Dummies have long been used by parents to soothe their little ones and bring them the sucking comfort they need. Here at CMC Gold, we stock a great alternative to BIBS dummies in our online store in Australia. Our high-quality CMC dummies are designed and manufactured right here in Melbourne, so when you buy our dummies, you can be sure that you’re giving your little one the best dummies on the market and helping our economy too.

BIBS is a Danish brand that has been a favourite of mums and tots since the 80s. Their products are carefully designed and manufactured with babies of all ages in mind. Their headquarters are in Hillerød, North of Copenhagen in Denmark. We love that their high-quality pacifiers are affordable too, which offers excellent value for money.

BIBS dummies are 100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free and have a 100% natural rubber teat, which means they are completely safe for your little one. BIBS dummies have a range of different aspects that make them our favourite choice of pacifier.
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Why choose our dummies?

If you’ve bought BIBS dummies in the past, you’re probably aware that theycome in various sizes, so you can pick one suitable for your child’s age. Our dummies also come in a range of sizes and colours and we even offer a glow-in-the-dark option so you can easily find your bubba’s dummy should they lose it during the night. We’ve designed our dummies with a round air-filled cherry shaped teat so that water won’t flow in and out of the teat while baby is sucking. It’s also designed to mimic the shape of a mother’s nipple so that it feels familiar for babies who are breastfeeding.

But there’s more to our dummies to superior design, style and convenience; they are completely safe for your baby as they are 100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free, have a 100% natural rubber teat and have passed testing in accordance with AS 2432:2015 Australian standards. We take health and safety very seriously here at CMC Gold.

So you can rest assured that just like BIBS dummies our dummies are made from high-quality materials, but they come at an extremely affordable price. You can give your child the best and know that you can replace it whenever it is necessary (we suggest every 4-6 weeks).

Why do children like dummies?

Babies are born with a sucking reflex. It is this reflex that allows them to feed in those early months. Feeding can bring both nutrition and comfort to a baby, which is why many babies enjoy breastfeeding, bottle feeding and sucking a dummy.

When should you give a child a dummy?

The use of dummies is a personal choice. Many parents like to give their baby a dummy because it soothes their child, much as breastfeeding or drinking from a bottle does.

If you are exclusively breastfeeding your child, it is recommended not to give your child a dummy until breastfeeding is fully established. This may take around 4-6 weeks.

Establishing breastfeeding before introducing one of our dummiesmeans it is less likely to confuse your child and lessens the chances of putting your breastfeeding journey at risk.

With breastfeeding established, giving your child our alternative to a BIBS dummy can give them comfort when they are not nursing. As a parent, this can free you up to do other tasks and have peace of mind that your baby is content.

What about using a dummy at night?

Using a dummy such as our Australian made alternativeto BIBS night dummies can help to soothe your child when they are sleeping. By relieving their sucking reflex, your baby may get a more peaceful night. As well as this, using a dummy could help your child if they are distressed and give them comfort during their routine vaccinations.

There have also been some suggestions that using a dummy may help protect your child from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). However, research on this is not clear about how or if this may work, and more research needs to be done.

Some suggest that using a dummy could help stop your baby from rolling onto their front. It could also help to keep your baby’s tongue forward in their mouth. As a dummy can help keep a baby still while they sleep, it could prevent blankets from covering them. Along with this, when babies use a dummy, it is suggested that parents may check their child more often.

Keep your dummy handy at all times

We suggest that you keep a supply of dummies clean and on hand at all times. Whether you choose a BIBS pacifier or one from our CMC range of dummies, if itdrops to the floor, it should be cleaned and sterilised before giving it back to your child.

We recommend keeping a spare dummy clean and sterile so that it is ready for your baby whenever they may need it. As all our dummies come with a protective cap, they will remain sterile until they are needed. And if you’re looking for somewhere to store your spare dummies, CMC Gold has created the ideal solution. By purchasing one of our CMC pouches, you will have the perfect place to store your dummies. No one wants their dummy covered in all the germs and dirt that may be found in your nappy bag, handbag or at the bottom of your pushchair.

We understand that you want to ensure you are giving your little ones the best, and their safety is paramount. Our pouches are made from the same plastic used to create teething toys, therefore, they are completely FREE OF BPA & PVC.

Just like BIBS dummies, our Australian-made CMC versions come in many colours, and a handy CMC Gold travel pouch can easily let you see which colours you have to hand, thanks to its clear and stylish design.

Why buy your dummies and accessories from CMC Gold?

At CMC Gold, we can help you find what you are looking for, so whether you usually buy BIBS dummies in size 1, 2 or 3, we have an age-appropriate dummy in our CMC range to soothe your little one.

You no longer have to pay extra for BIBS dummies, plus we accept Afterpay so you can help to spread the cost of not just your dummies but any of the products on our site.

We know that purchasing your dummies from a company you trust is important. While we cannot always offer free shipping,the shipping costs are calculated at the checkout so we can keep them as low as possible. So, whether you are looking for alternatives to BIBS dummies in Adelaide or Perth, we can get you the quality items you are after directly to your door.

When you are looking fordummies and other baby accessories, choose CMC Gold, and you will benefit from our excellent customer service, range of products and passion that we put into our business.

As a family-run Australian business, we are committed to bringing parents the very best for their children. As parents ourselves, we understand that you care about the quality of goods your children are using, which is why our stock is always designed with babies and children in mind.

Order with us today and enjoy a great experience every time you shop.
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