Running a Business and being a new Mum

Running a Business and being a new Mum

Daily I get other Mums, business owners and followers of CMC GOLD praise the late nights, the amount of orders we managed to get out each day and the success of the business whilst having a 6 month old. I really love that lots of Mums hoping to start a business look at CMC GOLD and strive to build their brand as we have but let me tell you it’s not always easy. Actually most of the time it’s not easy! I am lucky to have an amazing husband who is the backbone of our business (and if you think I work late hours, he works double the amount. He manages to find hours in the day that I didnt know existed), my family who isn’t far away from me who help look after Cassia some nights the help is extremely appreciated as I manage to get work done plus I am very lucky to have a patient baby.

Snap shot of my life at this very moment I have one finger in Cassia’s mouth which she is quietly chewing on in the highchair next to me and I’m typing with the other hand. I have a million dummy clips to make but i’m waiting on Mum to get here so she can occupy Cassia while I get to work!

Most nights midnight is an average time for bed but the last few weeks it has been between 3 – 4am. Cassia usually wakes up around that time and then it’s feeding and bed for us. It’s funny how little sleep you require as a Mum.

In saying all of this, starting this business two years ago was the best thing we ever did despite the long, crazy hours. Since having Cassia it has grown to a point where Maurice and I can work from home full time and still look after out little girl. We are so grateful for all the love and support which allows us to do this.

If you’re reading this and wondering how you can establish your small business whilst at home with your little ones my top tips to you are:

1) Start small, don’t run before you can walk. Building a business takes patience, time and commitment. 2) If you are fortunate enough to have family around you, utilise them for your babies. It’s the only time you will get work done before they are 5 months old. 3) Get a Maurice (if you don’t already have one!) someone who knows their stuff about starting a business and maintaining a business. Maurice actually runs a free Facebook group helping lots of new businesses get up on their feet. He is happy to answer any questions.

Group link is below:


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